Relocation Services


Per Square Feet provides a complete range of cost-effective "Tailor-Made Packages" to successfully manage the relocation program of the corporate. Our relocation program is delivered by our highly trained and professional corporate Account Managers and experienced Relocation Consultants who work together to achieve optimum outcomes for our clients. We are among the most trusted organizations in the field of relocation services. We have the most comprehensive and diversified relocation services in India. There are dedicated teams in charge of different specialties viz.

  • Area Orientation/ Look-See
  • Home Search Service
  • Settling-in Service
  • Temporary Accommodation
  • Visa Services
  • School Search assistance
  • Departure Assistance Service
  • Commercial & Retail Leasing
  • Sale & Purchase
The client will be introduced to the following:
  • Map Orientation
  • Residential areas & housing options
  • Public transportation
  • Shopping areas, grocery stores/ banks/ post offices/ pharmacies
  • Indian culture and everyday life
  • Introduction to Expatriate Networks
  • Schools and kindergartens
  • Indian climate
  • Sports, religious and cultural facilities
  • Entertainment (cafés, nightlife, restaurants, theatres)
  • Brief on Domestic Help

Finding appropriate housing has a great impact on an expat’s sense of well-being. Through our house finding service we aim to find a home in accordance with our client’s needs and wishes, within the limitations set by the client.

  • Inspection

Based on the client’s criteria and budget, PSF will put together a list of relevant properties and arrange viewings with Home-owners. Our clients are accompanied to all viewings and we further provide advice regarding the practicalities of a certain property, its location, accessibility to public transportation, proximity to shopping facilities, sports clubs, schools etc.

  • Negotiation

Once the client shortlists some properties, PSF negotiates on the behalf of the client’s company on the renal as well as terms & conditions with the home owner.

  • Legal Agreements/Paperwork

When the client has decided on a property, we will make sure the contract is forwarded to the responsible parties.

  • Check-in Inventory & Move-in day assistance

In the final stages we create a check-in inventory of all the fitting/fixtures in the house & we accompany the client to the take-over of the property. On the move-in day we guide the client on working of the appliances/electric-fittings in the house.

Settling in services are complementary services we add with our Home finding to the assignee and his/her family to make their stay comfortable.

PSF aims to tailor-make this service to suit the client’s specific needs.

  • Hiring Domestic-help
  • Furniture rentals/Purchase
  • Car rentals/ purchase
  • Bank account
  • Health care
  • Local area knowledge
  • Public transportation
  • Cultural and religious life
  • Sport activities
  • Language classes
  • Obtaining a Indian driver’s license
  • Schools and childcare facilities

PSF offers a wide range of Guest Houses/Serviced apartments to the clients who are coming for a short stay.

  • Fully Furnished A/C Rooms
  • Unlimited Broadband Internet Access
  • Fully Equipped Kitchen
  • Laundry Facilities
  • Full-time Cook and Professionally Managed House Keeping.
  • All major credit cards accepted
  • Visa Registration

Our registration service includes assistance in registering with local authorities like FRO/FRRO. We help by filling in the necessary applications, giving advice on accompanying documentation, making sure the applications are handed in at the right time – always picking up and accompanying our clients to the relevant offices. We further follow up the applications until they are processed, communicating with the relevant authorities in case of any problem, and finally make sure that the client receives the Residential Permit(RP).

  • Visa Extension

In case the expat has to stay for longer duration than the period mentioned on his/her visa, PSF can assist in the Visa extension as well. We have dedicated visa specialists that can assist you with your questions and help you in getting the right visa that fits your needs. We help by filling in the necessary applications, giving advice on accompanying documentation, making sure the applications are handed in at the right time – always picking up and accompanying our clients to the relevant offices.

Following an extensive consultation with the relocating family, our experts assist the family with the important decision of reaching selection of the most appropriate school for their children.

  • Research schools which closely match the transferees' requirements for their children
  • Advise on appropriate schools based on assessed records and availability.
  • Organise tentative placements with short-listed school(s); arrange appointments (Expat-accompanied, as required)
  • Arrange student(s) and parent interviews to become familiar with the school campus and discuss education expectations

We also assist families to locate, and enroll in neighborhood kindergartens, childcare and day care facilities.

We assist in all the following practicalities related to leaving India

  • Owner notification & Lease termination
  • Move out inventory
  • Security deposits refined monitoring
  • Utility/Service termination
  • Repatriation formalities with Local authorities & mail forwarding
  • Termination of other rental contracts if any (car rental)